I just read an article on YAHOO NEWS calling those who stand against gay marriage bigots! My response is below...

Bigotry?  I don't think so. Homosexuality is a sin. Bottom line. GOD says it's wrong, so it's wrong. Gays claim to have been born that way. Incorrect, baby's are not born wanting to have sex with anything. Sure, you may have sinful desires to have sex with the same gender. Just as I may have desires to have sex with multiple women out of wed-lock. I could argue that I was born that way. The fact is we all have sinful desires and we choose to either give into them, or to live by God's rules. But under no circumstances is sin considered equal rights.

The next thing you know, the pedophiles will be demanding equality because they can't help it, they claim they are born that way as well. Equality right? 

I'm so sick of the media, talk show hosts, TV shows, news articles trying to make it seem like homosexuality is OK. It's a sin, that will cause people to end up in hell if they die unrepented. I get it, some people have friends and family who live gay lifestyles. You love them, don't want to make them upset or have them stop talking to you or the family. But listen, I'd much rather my son be angry at me, then for me to stand by knowing his soul is in danger of hell fire.

If we truly love our family, we care about their eternal salvation do we not? I do. It's time to stop the madness and get back to GOD and his laws. Homosexuality isn't an identity, it's simply an activity.

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