The BIG announcement

It'll be May 5th in a few days. I for one can't wait to hear Mike Huckabee announce that he's running for president. He'll make the announcement from his home town Hope Arkansas. Friends, we need Huckabee in the White house for so many reasons it's not even funny.

Some people who have read my postings have called me racist, Well just so you all know I'm not racist. Before Obama was president I was pushing for Herman Cain before he dropped out of the race. I'm just so over Obama's lies and wicked policies. And I think my fellow Americans agree with me. Liberal, conservative, Republican, or Democrat I think we all agree Obama has failed horribly.

In 2008 he started out saying he was a Christian and that marriage should only be a man and a woman, now he's advocating the sin of homosexuality. He's involved in so many scandals his head should be spinning. He refuses to secure our border, he's friend's with dictators and terrorists. He's obviously not Christians. He's Muslim.

If you love your kids, and I think you do. Vote Huckabee in 2016. If you love your country and GOD, and I think you do:  VOTE Huckabee in 2016.



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