Baltimore being destroyed


Just like in Ferguson, idiots are acting like street terrorists again in Baltimore. You can blame the media who are ultimately working for the likes of Obama, Sharpton, and Holder. These main race baiters have an agenda. To divide people in America and to cause such civil unrest that martial law will be declared. My personal opinion is that's Obama's plan to stay in power longer than he is supposed to.

Those in positions of power should immediately authorize their law enforcement to shoot rioters on sight. Anyone looting or destroying property should be shot down on sight. Only then will these thugs and unemployed losers figure out that this behavior will not be tolerated. It's just a shame to think that all of this crap started because a couple criminal thugs who were shot happened to be black. 

There is a fine line between protesting and being a terrorist. If the cops don't put these idiots down for acting like fools then the people will have no choice but to do it for them. 2nd amendment baby!

The above image shows that these so called protesters are obviously well educated. Full of class. And probably came from good loving homes. (SARCASM)

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