The FDA in the business of social control

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A huge problem in America is doctors prescribing mind altering medications. basically handing them out to patients like they were candy. Along with that problem is people willfully taking larger doses of what is prescribed to them. Some people figure if one is good then two must be better. This is a very dangerous practice. Drugs like Ambien and anti-depressants like Zoloft and Effexor etc. Are all mind altering medications that screw up your brains chemistry. Doctors are not even 100% sure what it does. They don't know what the long term effects are to tampering with chemicals to the brain.

Personally I have observed family members who take things like Ambien, and anti-depressants and have noticed huge changes in their behavior. The actions and the the things they say have become very strange. And often I hear them express to me that they just don't feel like themselves. That's a correct statement, because when you are under the influence of strong medications such as these you are NOT yourself. Your emotions become clouded and suppressed. You stop caring about important things in your life. If you were feeling depressed and sad, sure the drugs may suppress that, but it also suppress the positive things about your personality.

If your taking a mind altering medication, I suggest you get off of them. But do not do it cold turkey that could be very dangerous to you. Speak with your doctor and tell them you want to be removed from the medication. They will have to ween you off slowly. Be yourself, not the clouded version of yourself.


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