Why same sex marriage is wrong

Many ask what is so wrong with same sex marriages? Well there is a very simple answer to that question. GOD forbids that type of lifestyle. In fact it's written in his Holy Word (The BIBLE) that those who live that kind of life will not inherit GOD's kingdom. So if you know someone or are related to someone who chooses that type of lifestyle we hope you'll care enough for their salvation to not stop loving them but to not accept their lifestyle.

Because after all,  isn't their eternal salvation the most important thing? I understand that many people have dear friends and family that live gay lives, but that doesn't mean we must accept sexual sin ourselves. Many people have criminals in their family but that doesn't mean you must accept crime. Below are some facts about homosexuality that may help you keep a clear mind on the issue:

1. Living a gay lifestyle is 100% a CHOICE. 

2. Homosexuality is an activity, not an identity.

3. There is nothing wrong with men loving men e.i.: Father loving son, brother loving brother. It's the perverse desire and act of same gender sex that is sexual sin.

4. The only kind of sex that GOD permits is between one man and one woman who are married. All other sex is sin and will cause people to be banned from GOD's kingdom.

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