Being pro-life

Some people misunderstand what it means to be pro-life. Someone who is pro-life typically means they are against abortion. Liberals like to use the words pro-choice in support of a woman's so called right to kill her unborn baby. In actuality it should be called pro-death since it's the opposite of being pro-life.

The Bible is clear on the facts that GOD knit us in our mothers womb. Meaning life begins at conception. Abortion is murder plain and simple. And killing a baby should never be called a choice. Now can a person be pro-life and support the death penalty? Some call it a contradictory to being  pro-life.

Some may ask, "How can you say your pro-life and support a death penalty"? The answer to that is that there is a difference in supporting the death penalty and being against abortion. When someone is sentenced to death in a court of law they did something to deserve/warrant a death sentence. An unborn baby however did nothing to deserve being aborted.

The difference is innocence and guilt. So a pro-life supporter can also support justice for victims by also supporting the death penalty. Don't let the confused people out there throw you off your belief pattern.

Think before you speak and you'll always stay a step above those who are quick to speak and slow to think.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.
TWAU team~

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