It's a culture problem

Many people are asking what happened? How did Obama a guy with such failed policies get re-elected? He advocates sin such as homosexuality and murder by way of abortion. He is constantly spending our nation into oblivion. He supports a one world government. He's a socialist. The list goes on and on.

I would like to explain what is happening and why this terrible president one re-election. It's a culture problem. The culture is changing. People don't hold to the same values they use to. Sadly, people are rejecting God and his laws more and more every day. We live in a culture that accepts homosexuality as ok. But it's far from ok. We live in a culture that thinks killing an unborn baby, but a baby non the less is a CHOICE.

People in our nation and world are becoming more wicked. The growing amounts of wicked people are out-numbering the Christians and good people in the world. In a nut-shell that is what is happening. Until there is a foundational recovery on the gospel of Christ we can look forward to an even more wicked culture. With a even more wicked agenda and belief pattern.

Lou <><

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