Newborn baby found alive in airplane garbage bag at Manila airport; plane arrived from Bahrain

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Authorities in the Philippines on Monday tried to trace the mother who gave birth then abandoned her newborn baby on a flight from the Middle East.

The baby boy, covered in blood and wrapped in tissue paper, was found by an airport security officer in a garbage bag unloaded from the plane that arrived from Bahrain on Sunday. He was brought to an airport clinic, where doctors and nurses examined him and cleaned him, wrapped him in cloth and gave him a bottle of milk, airport officials said.

"When we initially saw the baby, his color was not right. His color should be pinkish," airport doctor Maria Teresa Agores told reporters. But after the baby was cleaned, "he regained his natural color."

He also let off a soft cry, nurse Kate Calvo said.

"He was healthy, his vital signs were OK according to our doctors," she added.


I always find it disturbing that a mother could do this to their child. It really spot-lights how some people have lost their way and are in need of Jesus. Thank God the child was ok.

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