Sen. Murkowski's defeat marks major tea party win

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Backed by the Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin, a little-known conservative lawyer from Alaska became the latest newcomer to the national political stage to take down an incumbent in 2010.

In arguably the biggest political upset of the year, Joe Miller claimed the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate when incumbent GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski conceded Tuesday evening. Murkowski gave up after failing to gain much ground in an count of outstanding absentee ballots.


It's already happening, the Tea Party candidates are winning left and right. This is the year of the republicans. 2010 will mark the end of most of the liberal leftists careers. And 2012 will be when Mike Huckabee throws Obama's ass out to the curb.

Go Tea Party!

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Ryan said...

She lost my vote when I found out she was pro-abortion