Arizona Sheriff Agrees to Meet With Billboard Owner Over 'Offensive' Image

Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu said Sunday he'd be willing to meet with the owner of a billboard who displayed an image of an Hispanic family with a quote by Babeu that the sheriff says portrays him as racially motivated.

"I'm the sheriff for everybody. I'm happy to meet with you or anybody else," Babeu told billboard owner Frank Pierson. "The best way to do that is call me. Don't put up an offensive billboard like this that slanders me and slanders" law enforcement.


The fact of the matter is... The Billboard doesn't even depict an accurate image of the typical people entering America illegally. The typical person entering illegally is usually a criminal. Obtaining employment illegally. Taking part in theft, And causing problems all around.

We here in America welcome others from other nations if they want to live here, but do it legally.

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