Schools tag kids with RFID chips

A California school district is using some $115,000 of federal stimulus money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to have kids wear vests with RFID chips embedded so their every move inside the school complex can be monitored.

A report from TechNewsDaily cites the work of the Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services agency, which already has spent $50,000 setting up the system for a first Head Start site.

"We did some research and we thought this would be a good utilization for the money," Karen Mitchoff, an agency spokeswoman, told TechNews Daily.

The action has raised some alarms among privacy advocates, but also met a qualified endorsement from a columnist at the RFID Journal.


I can tell you that none of my kids will ever be wearing anything like that. I have my own view on the whole "CHIP" thing. I believe that one day very soon, the chipping of people will be required to buy food, obtain housing and bank-accounts, and to even have a job. And I believe they will require you to either wear the chip on your forehead or arm. (When I say "They" I mean the feds).

Yes, I believe the mark of the beast (666) will be associated with the RFID chips. No, Im not a conspiracy theorist, I have just researched these chips and the idea's they have been talking about as far as utilizing them. And it's a pretty safe assumption.

I suggest people not accept the chips, and I also suggest you not allow anyone in your family to wear them either. This may not happen right away, but we are definately headed in that direction.

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