Republicans block bill to lift military gay ban

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked an effort by Democrats and the White House to lift the ban on gays from serving openly in the military, voting unanimously against advancing a major defense policy bill that included the provision.

The mostly partisan vote dealt a major blow to gay rights groups who saw the legislation as their best hope, at least in the short term, for repeal of the 17-year-old law known as "don't ask, don't tell."

If Democrats lose seats in the upcoming congressional elections this fall, as many expect, repealing the ban could prove even more difficult — if not impossible — next year. With that scenario looming, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that a lame-duck session was being planned and that lifting the ban would be taken up then.

The episode upset advocates who believe that neither President Barack Obama nor Reid did enough to see the measure through.


This is great news! If the American people who stand on Biblical principles keep this up, The conservative Christians will have a successful take-over in 2010, followed by A Mike Huckabee presidential victory in 2012.

The Christians are the last line of defense against perverse sin. However upsetting the perverse with political victories does little to correct things. Pray for their souls, that they change their ways and become saved by Jesus. Only then will the war be won. Only by the salvation of souls.

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