Homeless Outraged That $1 Menu at San Francisco McDonald's Now 50 Cents More

For most fast-food aficionados, McDonald's $1 menu items may seem like little more than a good deal on the road to a full stomach.

But in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, a feud over cheap food has escalated into a biting debate on microeconomics and the city's homeless problem.

Natalie Gonzales, a McDonald's franchise owner in the neighborhood, recently decided to discontinue the $1 menu at her restaurant and start charging an extra 50 cents for each of the items, the San Fransisco Chronicle reports. Such price hikes might be met by a grumble and a shrug elsewhere, but in bohemian Haight-Ashbury, street people are up in arms, saying they rely on the dollar deals to survive.


Ok, Not that my heart doesn't go out to the homeless. But hey there is still Taco Bell's two dollar taco meal. It's only a buck more right? So you have to spend an extra few minutes begging for an additional dollar. Your obviously a survivor, you'll manage.

Check out below, a video of when the black community had to deal with no chicken. They had a rough time too. But they survived.

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