Obama Talks About His Faith?


ALBUQUERQUE — President Obama expounded Tuesday on the reasons he became a Christian as an adult, telling a group of residents here that he was a “Christian by choice” and that “the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead – being my brother and sister’s keeper.”

Mr. Obama, who has been criticized by conservative pundits who have questioned his Christian faith, gave a lengthy discourse on it in response to a woman who said she had three “hot topic questions” for him. The first was: “Why are you a Christian?” The second was on abortion — the president said it should be “safe, legal and rare” — and her third was whether Mr. Obama would accept her husband’s chili pepper. He said he would.

Ok, I have said this before but apparently it needs to be said again. Obama isn't a Christian. He claims to be one however his actions and words say otherwise. You can't hold to Christian teachings when you advocate murder by way of abortion. Or advocate sexual sin such as homosexuality.

If you are for those things, you are not for Christ. And that's what America needs to understand and see. Its time for America to open it's eyes and see that we have a non-American in office.

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