Judge cites homeschoolers for violating U.N. mandate

An international organization that has fought pitched battles over parents' rights to educate their own children in Germany, Sweden and the United States, as well as lesser fights in a number of other countries, is taking on officialdom in Botswana after police there grilled homeschoolers, confiscated their teaching materials and ordered them to appear in court.

The Home School Legal Defense Association, based in the United States, also is asking its members to become part of the fight by contacting not only the Botswana embassy but also the office of the African nation's president to express alarm over the developments. Contact information is being posted on the organization's website.


Parents should always have the right to educate their kids the way they think is best. As long as the kids stay at the right learning level. Studies show that children who are homeschooled are typically much brighter than kids who attend public schools.

The nice thing about homeschooling is, that parents can educate their kids and at the same time filter out the garbage public schools push on children, such as the lie, evolution. And pro-homosexuality idealism.

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Ryan said...

I would dislike it if all children were required to go to public school. In the wake of pro-homosexuality indoctrination starting in some schools, I am beginning to have doubts of letting my children (when I have them) attend public school. I made that child, I pay and provide for that child, I love that child, I want to raise that child, I should have a say in what is taught to my child. If not, then the public schools have no business teaching my child, and I would home school them, where I know they are being taught what they need, and how I want it. Sexual matters (i.e sex ed, pro-gay indoctrination) should be left up to the parents. There is a high teen pregnancy rate because the schools don't care enough to say "keep it in your pants until you are married."