Rush charges Obama 'foreigner' in loyalties

Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh said today that as far as loyalties go for Barack Obama, he is a "foreigner."

"Let me put it this way," Limbaugh said. "We don't need a birth certificate to know that Obama is a foreigner, in this sense: He's born in the United States, but he doesn't think like most of us think. He doesn't look at this country and its people, its history, its accomplishments the way most of us do. He doesn't look at our history with pride."

Limbaugh, who on occasion has referred to the controversy over Obama's eligibility, continued, "There's no American exceptionalism as far as Obama's concerned. Obama looks at America the way Rev. [Jeremiah] Wright looks at it, the way Minister [Louis] Farrakhan looks at it. Obama looks at America, sees the country the way the rest of the hard-core left sees it, and you know who the hard-core left are: Ayers and that crowd. He's one of them.


Many people call Obama many things.. An atheist, a member of the black panthers, A muslim. I myself don't know exactly what he is, But I can tell you what he definately isn't. He is NOT an American. He doesn't respect our founding fathers. He doesn't believe America should be above other nations. He wants America to sink down to their level of poverty. He wants the economy to spiral downward, that way America isn't a cut above the rest.

That is how his mind works. He wants Islam to be the top religion in America, Instead of Christianity. America was founded by Christians, our constitution written based on Biblical principles. So when we vote this November 2010, and in 2012's presidential elections let's let Obama in on something. America has always been, is now, and always will be JUST A CHRISTian nation!

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