Meg Whitman

I guess what makes me sick about Meg Whitman is the fact she is trying to buy this election. She refuses to debate Jerry Brown in any public forum. And I don't blame her, she's never debated anyone before. She has never had experience in running a state much like the current governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And just like Schwarzenegger has sunk California, Whitman will only sink it further downward should she win this election. I believe the people of California are going to elect former governor Jerry Brown, who has a wealth of experience. (Being governor twice before).

I just have a problem with someone basing their ability to fix California's problems on having Ebay on their resume.lol Her former employee's say she's a problem solver. That's great, but the states problems are a whole lot more complex than Ebays.

I had to laugh, today I watched a Whitman ad on TV, saying she started Ebay with like 30 employee's, and that she turned that into 15,000 new jobs. Do you know what those new jobs were? Allowing people to open their own little Ebay pages to sell stuff on Ebay.

Give me a break Meg! Your a clone of Arnold in a skirt. California needs experience, it needs Jerry Brown. I don't agree with Brown on all the issues, but for California he is the right choice this time around.

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