Jury clears Christians who dared to preach to U.S. Muslims

Jurors in Michigan have rejected, at least for now, the concept of a "dhimmi" status for Christians, ruling that four evangelists who went to an Arab festival not just to be present but to "change minds" did not commit a breach of peace as police had claimed.

The word comes from the Thomas More Law Center, which defended the four Christians after they were charged for being at an Arab festival in Dearborn, Mich.

Officials said the verdict came from a jury of six Dearborn residents late Friday, who concluded that Nabeel Qureshi, Paul Rezkalla, Negeen Mayel and David Wood were not guilty of breach of peace charges.

The issue strikes directly at the heart of what many fear is developing across the nation: where Muslims are given a special treatment that subjects those of other faiths to second-class status.


The police can't order you to turn off any video recorders. This is getting to be too much. It's really time to take America back! Folks, this has got to stop. You can stop this garbage by electing Christian conservatives like Mike Huckabee to public office.

Make Christianity known and heard loud! It needs to over-power the false religion of Islam! And the American police should be very ashamed of themselves for defending the idiotic muslims.

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