Video shows bully attacking 15-year-old gay student


More and more people are speaking out against bullying, but the practice remains distressingly common in the nation's schools. All too often, gay teens are the victims. The newest example is especially disturbing.

In Chillicothe, Ohio, a 15-year-old gay teen was beaten in a school classroom. The incident was captured on camera, revealing a classroom full of students who did nothing to break up the assault.

The attacking student has received a three-day suspension, but Rebecca Collins, mother of the student who was beaten, says this isn't enough. She is pursuing her options with law enforcement. Her son, who was also harassed on Facebook, suffered a possible concussion and a chipped tooth in the attack. You can watch the video footage of the assault after the jump, but should be warned that it makes for disturbing viewing.

Ok first off, why is the title about a 15 year old GAY student? It should simply say a 15 year old student. My point is, the liberal media is trying to make it seem as if people who live perverse lives (homosexuality) are victims and targets of bully's.

Not the case! Bullying is wrong in any case, people should not be bullied whether they are gay or not. But let's not lose sight of the thing that is even more important than that! Living a homosexual life is wrong!

It's a sin against GOD, and the Bible is very clear on that. So the liberal media gets a big fat two thumbs down for trying to make a liberal statement out of a bad happening.

Yes it's wrong to bully others, but it's also wrong to live a gay life!

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