Obama's healthcare law tops new Supreme Court term


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's sweeping healthcare overhaul will top the agenda in the new Supreme Court term that opens on Monday and could be the most momentous in decades.

Returning from its three-month recess, the nation's highest court will confront legal challenges seeking to strike down Obama's signature domestic policy achievement and a host of other charged issues in its 2011-12 term.

Other big cases pit privacy rights against new police tracking technology, involve jail strip searches and address a free-speech challenge by broadcasters to a U.S. government ban on nudity and blurted expletives on television.

More blockbuster cases on using race in college admissions, on Arizona's tough law cracking down on illegal immigrants and on the rights of same-sex adoptive parents may be added to the docket later in the nine-month session.
Today could be the beginning of the end for ObamaCare. Let us pray that is the case. Lower courts have been siding with Obama on this unconstitutional health bill. I really hope the supreme court has more sense.

Keep it in prayer my friends!

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