Occupy Wall Street

I have touched on the issue of idiotic protesters many times before. But this bunch of morons that are wasting their time outside of the wall street office are nothing more than idiots who are looking for air time to be on tv.

Where do these idiots work? Obviously they don't work. Wouldn't their time be better spent taking care of their kids or looking for a job? I'm just sayin...

This whole class warfare Obama has started is ridiculous. He is failing at everything he does and I think Cain is right. This may very well be staged by his administration to take the news coverage off his failed policies.

But it won't help him in the election. Obama is history in 2012!

This ignorant idiotic group of dumb asses are doing nothing more than embarrassing themselves. The rich people of America are rich because they worked for what they have. The poor are poor because they chose to fail in life. 2012 will be real change, lame protesters will be silenced. And Obama will tuck his change between his legs and head on out.

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