N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to Endorse Mitt Romney

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to Endorse Mitt Romney, TWAU has learned.

I believe this to be a huge mistake on the part of Christie. Everyone knows Romney has no chance of winning. The mormon factor causes him to never make it far enough for anything. He's another Ron Paul when it comes to polls.

If GOP members are smart, they will go with Herman Cain. Who is climbing high in the polls currently.

Cain: Effort to 'Intimidate Me' Will Not Succeed

Presidential candidate Herman Cain struck back at black leaders who criticized him as callous toward the poor and ignorant of history, saying he will not allow people who "don't want black people to think for themselves" to try and "intimidate" him into keeping silent.

The businessman and Republican presidential candidate, in an interview on Fox News, vigorously defended himself against critics unhappy with his recent comments on race and the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Singer Harry Belafonte called Cain a "bad apple." Princeton University professor Cornel West said Cain's remarks reflect a "coldness toward poor people."

My hat goes off to Cain who is a wise man. He isn't fooled by the lies told by liberals and the lazy blacks. The smart blacks who have their heads on straight will agree with Cain. I believe there are more intelligent blacks out there who will side with Cain than there are lazy ones.

Poor people of any race are usually poor because they fail themselves. They fail in parenting, they fail in getting an education. And they fail in the job force. America is the land of opportunity. If you are poor in America it's most likely your own fault. So I say to the poor: Go get your GED, get a job and turn in your food stamp cards. And stop voting in democrats who lie to you and tell you that your a victim. The truth is you are a victim, but it's the democrats who are victimizing you!

Cain has become a superstar almost overnight. TWAU blog takes pride in being one of the first online sites to endorse him. Help us Raise some CAIN!


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