Police In Riot Gear Remove 'Occupy SD' Protesters


Occupy San Diego Protesters Removed For Unlawful Assembly

SAN DIEGO -- A legion of officers in riot gear cleared Occupy San Diego protesters out of their unauthorized urban squatters' camp at Civic Center Plaza early Friday, arresting dozens of activists who refused to cooperate with the predawn expulsion.

The dismantling of the downtown tent community, deemed an unlawful assembly by the city, began about 2 a.m. and lasted roughly 45 minutes, according to San Diego police. There were no reports of injuries as 40 people were taken into custody, though two of the detainees resisted and had to be forcibly subdued, SDPD public affairs Lt. Andra Brown said.

During the sweep, overseen by Police Chief William Lansdowne and his highest-ranking department heads, some of the demonstrators relocated south to Children's Park. Since that recreation area is closed daily between midnight and 6 a.m., officers cleared it, as well, taking 11 more people into custody in the process.

Look at the moron in the picture above. That is the majority of what's out there protesting. I use the word protesting lightly. Because mainly they are just out there for attention, and an excuse to cause trouble. Do you notice how the police are always having to get involved with these idiots?

The Tea party, have always done things lawfully. Not these idiots, a bunch of lame punks who simply want to be on the news, and cause trouble.

I hope the cops beat the hell out of them, and stick them with some stiff prison terms. Bunch of idiots! I tell ya!

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