Ron Paul, Civil Liberties Groups Decry Killing of American Militant Without a Trial


Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, cried foul Friday over the killing of a radical U.S.-born cleric in Yemen without a trial, joining a chorus of civil liberties groups raising "due process" concerns over the drone attack.

Comments from L.Buren of TWAU blog
Are you kidding me Ron Paul?! This murdering bastard terrorist isn't covered under the American constitution. You have to be an American citizen to be protected by our constitution. These islamic war criminals are to be killed whenever we have the chance to take them out. And they are not to be afforded due process you lame!

"No one likes these kind of people, but I also like the rule of law and I like our Constitution, that you don't just target people, assassinate them, someone who has not been charged and you have no proof of anything," Paul told Fox News. "So if we want to protect American citizens from that type of justice, we have to be more cautious."


I'm tired of idiots always looking out for the bad guys! And being concerned for the evil people in the world. You have inmate advocates more concerned about inmate rights than they are about the criminals victims. You have people more worried about a poor murdering terrorists rights than the good of the nation. It's sickening really. L. Buren

When this "American" terrorist worked for the other side to hurt America, he lost all due process rights. PERIOD!

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