Huckabee: On abortion

It’s been unremarked upon largely in the news media but Nancy Pelosi is launching a crusade against pro-life Republicans in the House for their “war on women.”
The sticking point: the Protect Life Act. A bill Nancy Pelosi shamefully said would leave women to die on the floors of health care providers.

Determined to regain power, she’s raising money directly for the House campaign committee targeting Republicans and encouraging pro-abortion groups like Emily’s list to do the same because of Republican support for pro life policies. We have to fight back.

Huck PAC in addition to fighting for a Republican Senate Majority (to work with a new Republican President!) is also determined to defend the pro-life Republicans we helped elect to Congress last year (42 in all). These men and women need our support today - volunteers to counter the spin and dollars to fight back against the negative attacks.

If you are able to, I encourage you to make an immediate donation to our Pro-Life House Republican Fund today. A donation of $3 or more will help us provide resources to these courageous men and women.
Stand with me,



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