Oakland murder trial

I am 110% sure that the cop who shot Oscar Grant didn't mean to do it. And all these idiots who are just waiting to go destroy, plunder, and pillage are just a bunch of in and out of prison morons. Who obviously don't have jobs to goto. But have plenty of time to go hold up a sign and act like an out of control animal.

I'de bet my last buck that most of these protesters are parolees. I believe the officer didn't mean to kill him mainly because many other people were around and he would have to be insane to do something so blatant. They had just received their tasers, and with Grant acting like a resistive parolee which I'm sure he was. The officer got flustered and made a mistake by pulling the wrong weapon.

I just hope that the officer is acquitted. because it's the right thing to do. We're all human and people make mistakes. As for the idiots grouping and protesting, when he is acquitted and you turn Oakland upside down. It'll be a new charge, not just a violation.

Your comments please?

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