Some people are very mislead on the actions and intentions of today's liberals. Liberals don't want to help the poor. They try to make people believe they do, so that the poor people will continue to support them with votes.

Liberals try to create job security by creating lazy people who sit at home and accept government hand-outs, all the while the people think they are poor because the republicans only help the rich. (Which is incorrect) (That's a lie the liberals like to spout off)! Poor people are poor by design. Because the liberals know that if they keep you sitting at home, accepting government assistance and telling you that they are helping you, you'll vote for them.

It's a terrible, pathetic cycle the liberals have created. And it needs to come to a stop. People should be bettering themselves through education, working for their money. And pulling their weight in the economy.

A huge waste of tax payer money goes to prisoners in state prisons who lie to the prison doctors and tell them they need a cane or a wheel chair for whatever reason, then when they parole, they apply and receive social security benefits. Approved by liberals.

So If your a democrat and or a liberal, take a long hard look at some of the liberals these days. Most of them are anti-God. And advocate many sins.

Conservatives are the ones to vote for! They are whats needed to get America back on track with it's Christian heritage.

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