Memphis Christians Fear Discrimination if Revision to Anti-Bias Policy Gets OK

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This whole homosexual movement is pathetic. people need to take a stand! And stop caring if your looked at as intolerant. Do you tolerate murder? Theft? Then why do you tolerate another sin? God forbids homosexuality and the Bible clearly teaches those who practice it, will goto hell.

Homosexuality isn't an identity, it's an activity. Simply put, it's a choice people make. A choice to have sex with the same gender. Its not anything that defines who you are. It's a perverse act. Thats all.

Yes, some of you are going to have friends or family who are living that way. If you truly love them, get them to stop. Or hell awaits them.

It's time for America to stand up, and start passing laws that strictly forbid homosexuality. Or else the end is near.

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