Heartache, anger ??

STOCKTON - Emotions ran high at City Hall on Tuesday as a crowd filled the council chamber past capacity and called on council members to seek law enforcement accountability in the shooting of a 16-year-old who was killed by officers seeking him in connection with an armed carjacking.

Just one day before his 17th birthday, James Rivera's life ended Thursday after a police pursuit in a stolen van.

His sister, Shanikka Rivera, could not hold back tears as she addressed the council.

"OK, he was bad," Rivera said. "Why couldn't you just tase him? ... Why couldn't I see him on his birthday? Why he couldn't see another day?"


No one feels sorry for that idiot kid who was a criminal, and a escapee. His parents obviously failed miserably in raising him. And now they wanna make a fuss, a money-grab via lawsuit, no doubt.

The reporter of this article should reconsider her tactics of making the bad guy seem like a victim.

He basicely got what he deserved. Had he not escape from jail, he most likely would be alive today.

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