The liberal anti-God assault on America

The atheist liberal left in America has been trying to program our youth via cartoons. Shows like the Simpsons and the Family Guy, constantly make fun of Christianity. And attempt to make kids think God isn't real. It's really a vicious attack on American heritage, and on the foundation of the gospel.

It's bad enough that programs like the history channel, and animal planet warp kids minds with lies on topics like evolution. But when you use cartoons to warp their minds, thats all the more disturbing. Below I have posted some clips showing how these liberal cartoons are not only an insult to God, but an attack on American beliefs. On our heritage. That heritage being Christianity.

I hope that parents will take control, and make sure their kids are not allowed to watch gargabe like this. And that parents take an active part in teaching their kids the ways of Jesus.

Click here for link 1

Click here for link 2

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Research these liberal cartoons and you'll see that they have many episodes where they attack and ridicule Christianity.


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