Federal Government Files Lawsuit Against Arizona


It's a sad day in America when the federal government decides to sue one of it's states instead of help it enforce the law. But then again, it's been a sad day in America ever since Obama got into office.

Polls show 79% of Americans agree with Arizona's law! So all of those supporters need to take a stand and vote any and all opponents of Arizona's law out of office! I'm getting sick and tired of seeing hispanic people get on tv and talk about how they feel that it's racial. Stop playing the race card, it's way past getting old. It's just rotten now.

Arizona isn't racist, they simply want the law enforced. If your in America illegally, your guilty of crime! What part of that do they not understand? Or not want to understand?

I'm calling on all 79% of Americans who support Arizona's law to stand up for Arizona with your votes! Check records, and those who oppose Arizona's law, vote their asses out to the curb, where they can sit with Obama the usurper in 2012.

It's time to take America back!

CLICK HERE to sign Huckabee's secure borders petition.

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