YouTube: Airman tells dad he is gay as ‘don’t ask’ policy disappears


The military's ban on openly gay service officially ended at midnight, and already one member of the Air Force has shared a video of his personal journey out of the closet.


The above video is really sad. But not for the reasons you might think. It's sad because this poor young man is so confused about his sexuality and morals that he fell into the same trap that many have.

Homosexuality is not an identity, (IT'S NOT WHO A PERSON IS) It's an activity and nothing more. Liberals have long tried to twist the issue into making people who live this way into their own people group, as if they were a race or something. But the bottom line is they are just people, as we all are, who choose to make a decision to have sex with the same sex.

It's an activity, not an identity!

Parents, especially fathers have to be pro-active in this when kids are at a young age. Don't just never mention the issue and one day be surprised when your kid gets mislead into thinking he/she is gay.

Start when they are young, and actively teach your children that some people choose to live this way, but God's law says people should not live like that. It is wrong! And it is perverse!

The Bible clearly teaches that it is a sexual sin. An abomination. Unnatural.
If parents instil Gods Word into their children's minds at a young age. And place the knowledge into their minds about it being wrong it will stick. It's no different than teaching your kids that it's wrong to steal or that it's wrong to smoke.

Take an active roll in your kids lives. For the sake of their salvation.

We pray that this young man is lead to Jesus! And that he gets put on the right track. Please join us in prayer:)

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