Cyber-bullying, is it really bullying?

I wanted to touch on the topic of Cyber-Bullying or at least the made up word. The word cyber-bullying much like the word homophobic isn't a real thing. No one can be bullied over a computer, a phone or anything like that. True bullying can only take place in person. If someone is receiving email or text messages they don't want, they can simply block that person or change a phone number.

Don't allow the liberals to create new made up terms and laws to enforce them. They only strip Americans of their rights. What if people who preach the gospel online speak truth of the evil of homosexuality and abortions. And someone decided to call that cyber-bullying? Do you see the dangers of making up new words for things that don't exist?

You watch TV and see celebrities speaking out against cyber-bullying, just goes to show how dumb celebrities really are. Half the things they advocate and endorse are because they are paid to do so.

What about the story a while back where the kids were emailing the little girl, telling her to kill herself? She ended up doing it Is what I heard. Was that Cyber-bullying? NO, what we had there was a clear case of bad parenting, and an unstable child. If someone emailed my kids with messages like that, They would show me and delete it. That's what stable minded kids with good parents do.

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