9/11 remembered

The above video has been provided by NASA, it's a look at New York on 9/11 from outer space. We hope and pray that tomorrow there will be no terrorist attacks on our beloved nation. We hope you will join us in that prayer.

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I still remember where I was on 9/11 when that attack took place. I was working in the office with some co workers, and they had the radio on. As soon as the news started coming out, we all gathered around the radio in shock. Shortly after it was all over, I thought it was just awesome how everyone came together and were flying old glory on their cars and trucks.

So proud and patriotic, it should be like that every day. Everyone was for pay back! Teach those dirty terrorists a lesson! They can't do that to the USA! Well, that lasted for about a whole 2 months. Then people started taking their flags down, liberals started worrying about the poor terrorists, wanted to start making sure the terrorists had rights and miranda rights read to them. etc..

G.W. Bush lead the assault on the attackers, and the nation was behind him, until the liberals started crying that he was being too mean to the terrorists, "oh no, don't use Interrogation methods on the poor murdering terrorists".

One thing I will say, is even though I thought very highly of Bush. I do think he kept soldiers in Iraq for way too long.

So tomorrow when the anniversary for 9/11 comes, I ask people to rehash their passion and zeal for our nation. Never forget!

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Anonymous said...

good article. never forget 9/11