California prisoners launch second hunger strike


State prison officials say more than 4,200 inmates in eight prisons statewide are taking part in a hunger strike that began Monday, the second such effort by prisoners in recent months.

The hunger strike was initiated to protest a lack of progress inmates are seeking in how they are treated. The earlier hunger strike, which spread to prisoners being held in other states, was aimed at getting reforms in how prisoners are designated for incarceration in segregated housing units, which inmate advocates say leave inmates in isolation.

Inmate advocates? In other words they mean family members and people who advocate crime! What is an inmate? A criminal! If you advocate inmates, you advocate crime!
California prison officials are currently lining up disciplinary tactics to punish the inmates for their illegal actions.

If the inmates are segregated a certain way it's because their crime and actions have deemed it necessary to house them in such a way. Inmates (especially California inmates) are very manipulative. And this is just another way for them to try to get what they want and to beat the system.

Notify your state leaders and tell them you want tougher on crime laws, and tougher on inmate living conditions in prison systems. They already have better medical care than you or I. And they get it free! Paid for by good citizen's tax dollars.

We applaud CDCr for their efforts in keeping the public safe! And keeping the bad guys behind bars! Thank you CDCr!

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