Facebook Page Calls for Action Against Israeli Embassy in Amman


A Facebook page created over the weekend calls for a march Thursday targeting Israel's embassy in Amman, Jordan, just days after a similar protest in Cairo, Egypt, resulted in a 13-hour rampage that trashed the Israeli diplomatic compound there.

"Our motto: No Zionist embassy on Jordanian territory," the Facebook page reads. Nearly 2,500 people have pledged to attend the protest in Jordan, with Israeli news reports suggesting protestors could break into the embassy and take down the Israeli flag.

It's always disturbing to hear of Israel going through tough times. And these so called protesters are actually terrorists if they are doing things like breaking into places and taking down flags. Please join us in praying for Israel, as they like America are GOD's country.

It's sad that America is under liberal rule at the moment, with the evil Obama administration at the helm. That means no aid for Israel. But we fully believe God will always defend Israel from harm.


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