Court orders school Grinch paws off kids' candy-cane Jesus pens


Decision affirms free speech rights for children in public classrooms.

The full panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals emphatically has decided that the Constitution's free-speech rights apply to children, too, even if they are at school, but it has not held liable officials who were responsible for a series of constitutional violations, claiming the precedent of some 40 years was vague.

The decision this week came from the appeals court in the well-known "candy cane pen" case.

In the case, school officials barred a student from handing out candy-cane pens with a Christian message to classmates at a "winter" party. The case eventually came to include several different incidents in which school officials restricted students' speech because of the Christian content.

There could be no other result, judges concluded.

"Imagine the United States of America where the First Amendment protects a minor's right to play violent video games, a person's right to hatefully protest the funerals of our heroic men and women in the military, and the right to possess portrayals depicting animal cruelty, such as videos of people crushing kittens with their shoes, but does not protect a child's right to share a pencil with another child at school merely because the pencil says the word 'Jesus,'" wrote Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod.

It's nice to know that not all judges are idiots. While we are pleased that the kids rights have been protected, we want to see the school officials disciplined.

It's getting really old hearing about different public schools trying to stomp out Christ from schools. Jesus Christ is Lord of the universe. You can NOT ever stomp him out! So liberals/atheists pull your heads out of your buttocks and get a clue! In America Christ is the in thing!

Our constitution protects people's rights to have Christ in their lives and that includes out in public! If your freedoms have been tampered with contact Liberty Counsel at WWW.LC.ORG

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