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Will America remain the "last best hope of man on earth" if we continue to teach children our nation's shortcomings?

Many of us are concerned that our education system is failing, but no subject has received less focus on its shortcomings than the area of American history.

In June, the National Assessment of Education Progress (known as the nation's report card) for American history was released. The results were shocking. Only 20% of fourth-graders, 17% of eighth-graders and 12% of 12th-graders scored "proficient" on the subject.

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough called our students "historically illiterate."

There are many reasons this has occurred, but it's clear that teaching American history is not a priority in the classroom.

Unfortunately, focusing on objective historical facts has been put aside and children are no longer learning about the critical leaders and events that have shaped the United States.

Significant time is spent discussing all the things America has done wrong in our 235 years. As a result, little time is left to teach what we have done right.
It's time for a new national focus on the importance and significance of a factual presentation of American history. That's why I co-founded Learn Our History with Brad Saft to counterbalance a blame-America-first attitude among textbook authors and many teachers. Brad recently appeared on my show to discuss the some of the issues surrounding educating children about history.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on 9/11

Unlike the current presentation of our history as one of racism, sexism and imperialism, we seek to help our children and teachers understand who and what have made America the greatest country in the world.

America isn't perfect, but it is "the last best hope of man on earth," as Ronald Reagan said. This is an effort to inform and inspire the next generation of Americans so they can become better citizens.

As the 10th anniversary of the terrible attacks of 9/11 is still fresh in our minds, Learn Our History has released the video "9/11 and the War on Terror" to give parents and teachers an additional tool to explain this seminal event to our children. This important film helps explain to children the reasons we were targeted (not the reasons some politicians would have you believe!), how American values differ from those of our attackers and why and how our nation responded.

As you probably already know, this new video has not been warmly received by some members of the chattering class. We never expected it to be. These are the same people who would rather we focus our children’s history education on what America has done wrong.

We realize that much in our culture has become politicized to the point of being polarized. It's clear that some on the left do not want those with differing views to have a voice in America's classrooms, and it is well-known that most of the educational establishment tilts to the left of our political spectrum.

And that’s what’s wrong with America.
Mike Huckabee

Ok, above you read what Huckabee think's is wrong with America. Now let us, TWAU have a crack at it. First off America has lost it's foundation. That foundation being the gospel of Jesus Christ. The very foundation our founding fathers placed there for us.

Over the years liberals/atheists/evolutionists etc... Have chipped away at our foundational values and morals. Twisting our constitution to make it same as if it supports wicked agendas. The constitution was created based on Biblical principles and morals. So that being said, the constitution does not legally support anything that is pro-homosexuality or anything to do with abortions. Because those things are against Biblical teachings.

However, you have corrupt activist judges making rulings that declare the constitution does indeed defend homosexuality and other wicked things. That is a clear cut case of perverting the constitution.

"We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution." - Abraham Lincoln

Evil organizations like The ACLU have sued schools, churches, and just about everything they can to remove Christ or God from anything public. And in that removing our core foundational values from our culture.

So, what is really wrong with America? We Need God In America Again! The false religion of evolution needs to stop being taught as fact in schools! People need to stop being content watching TV in the house and focusing on good eating, and start being more active in their voting of our nations leaders.

Vote the evil people out! Vote the good ones in. Good ones being those who are Christians! There is a song out by a Christian singer named Carman, the song is called America Again! It's exactly what is wrong with America, and what it needs to be restored. Listen to the song!

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I agree with Gov. Huckabee and Continue to pray for this nation