We are outraged and all of America should be!

Below is a message from governor Mike Huckabee...

I’m outraged today.  On a day when Americans were remembering the cold-blooded murder of 3000 of our fellow citizens on 9-11 at the hands of radical Islamo-Facists, a mob of radical Muslims attacked our embassies in Cairo and in Libya, killing the ambassador Christopher Stevens, and burning our flag in Cairo.  And were these monstrous and animal attacks because the US government had killed innocent citizens or tortured children?  No—it was because a filmmaker made a movie about Islam that supposedly insulted Mohammed.  And the original response from the US embassy?  Apologize to these savages and condemn the filmmaker—a statement that the White House later walked back with a tepid comment to stem the outrage from Americans who may think the movie was tasteless, but who still value something that radical Muslims don’t—freedom!

Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: I'm disgusted at the US embassy and the Obama administration for their weak response to the terrorist actions. If president George W. Bush were still in office these scumbags would never have been bold enough to do something like this. but they know our current usurper in office is very weak so they are taking advantage. Bush would have publicly stated in an address to the nation why were about to go kick their ass, and then he would do just that. I sure do miss Bush.

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