Health tip from Lou

Steer clear of soda. Diet and regular soda is very bad for your health. You can click here for a related article.

I have recently given up soda all together. No regular or diet soda's. And I must admit it's proving to be harder than I thought. But I'm sticking to it. All day long for the past few days I have been yearning for a soda.

And no amount of bottle waters quenches my thirst. I'm guessing because it's not thirst at all, but addiction.

So, I'll keep you all updated on my progress. I'm not giving up. And if you are a soda drinker, I know you can stop too. Do it for your health.


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Anonymous said...

i've been clean from soda for quite a while now, once you get past the withdrawals and cravings your home free. good message.