Response to a comment made to me

I posted a video featuring governor Mike Huckabee on my YouTube channel, and someone left a comment on it that said: "He supports war and the death penalty. That for me suggests an inconsistency when it comes to his pro-life position. "

My response to that is:  How do you figure? No one wants war, You, Me or Mike Huckabee. But our freedom and our nation is certainly worth fighting for and worth fighting to keep. It's just plain common sense to realise and understand that we sometimes must fight. That's the same stance Huckabee holds to.

As far as the death penalty goes, I support that too. And so should every American. The difference is unborn babies did nothing to warrant death. They are innocent. Criminals however have done something evil enough to be issued a death sentence. Do you see the difference?  Innocent, and not innocent. Pretty simple.

So, this fella on my youtube channel who I might add shares the same illogical views as many liberal democrats and parolees is way off on his thinking.

I welcome any feedback...

Lou Buren

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