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I would like to ask everyone to say a prayer for the families of all the 9/11 victims. And to bow your heads in a moment of silence as a show of respect for the heroes that fell on that day. We will never forget.


This TSA agent needs to be fired immediately. I mean, wow. They shouldn't even be working, I mean the whole scanning thing is stupid anyway. You should be scanning middle eastern people only. This is getting ridiculous.

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Radio sensation Rush Limbaugh states: Economy will collapse if Obama is re-elected.
Yeah, ya think? Of course it will collapse. That's why we are hoping and praying that enough Americans make their vote count this year. This one is for all the marbles. For the futures of our children and their kids,

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In other news, last night while WWE RAW was on the air commentator and hall of famer Jerry Lawler collapsed at the broadcast table. His condition is unkown at this time. But it was not a scripted action. It was real. We hear he had to receive CPR while getting medical attention.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jerry (The King) Lawler. Hope he's doing better.

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