Bill Deny the sci-fi guy

Secular TV show star known as Bill Nye "the science guy" recently slammed the creation by God account of Genesis. And attempted to brain wash children by asserting that evolution was true. Of course many of us know evolution is simply a made up lie. But his message is a dangerous one for those who have not heard about how God created in 6 literal days.

Ken Ham of Answers In Genesis who by the way is a great Christian leader and a brilliant man responded to Bill Nye's anti-creation rant.

Well following Mr. Ham's response the wicked lost souls out there who deny God and creation by God attacked the Facebook page of some of Hams colleagues. Really pathetic when you stop to think about it.

TWAU BLOG stands with Ken Ham and Answers In Genesis. (www.AnswersInGenesis.org)

Parents must take the active role in their kids education. Teach them from a young age that evolution is a made up lie. Millions of years is a made up lie. The Bible says to train your children up in the way they should go. Don't let the secular humanists train them for you.

Below is Ken Ham's response to the hateful attacks that came after his response to Nye...

Those who say evolution is true really have to resort to name calling as their only defence. Because their is no scientific proof that evolution exists. Real operational science that can be observed and tested confirms the Bible. Learn more about this doctrine of demons known as evolution by visiting the Answers In Genesis web site.

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