I'll be honest

I'm disgusted that some people will vote for Obama just because he's black. I know the black community believes Obama somehow elevates their ethnic group by being in office. But most of them have no idea what his policies are or how evil his policies are.

The fact is Obama's skin colour is black but he has more ties to middle eastern descent than he does to Africa. There is a Youtube video out there of the Howard Stern show, where he did a test on blacks from Compton back in 2008. look it up: just type Harlem voters Howard Stern. It's scary that people like this exist.

Then you have those type of people who will vote for Obama simply because he supports sin. The homosexual community will vote for Obama no matter what as long as he advocates their sin. The same goes with abortion agenda pushers. It's really sad. America is in a sad sad state my friends. And the only way to fix this is to come out in force at election time and to vote Romney! Every single voter needs to get out and either vote in person or vote by mail. But vote!

It's time to stand up and proclaim that America is still just a Christian nation! And that Islam won't be tolerated, nor will sin! And let's send the terrorist loving usurper packing this November!

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