A comment from my aunt (a democrat)

I was looking around at various postings on Facebook, and noticed a post about Obama. My aunt Marge posted a comment underneath it that read:  Health care (I need that), protecting your daughter's right to make her own medical decisions some day, giving her equal pay to a man, and if the republicans who said they would not lift one finger to help while he is in office would grow up and not hate a man for the color of his skin...we might just get more done.

I'de like to address each of her reasons why she thinks Obama is the best choice for president.

1. Healthcare, We have healthcare now. We don't need it to be socialised.
2. As far as daughter's rights to make their medical decisions, daughters have that right currently.
3. Equal pay to a man? There are many women who make much more than many men.
4. Republicans have no issue with Obama's skin colour, it's his terrible policies they have a problem with.

As I remember talking with my aunt Marge I recall her saying she was a Christian and believed in GOD and what the Bible said, then how in good conscience can you support a man who goes against what God's Word teaches? The Bible teaches us that God knit us in our mothers womb, (Life begins at conception) The Bible teaches us that those who live homosexual lifestyles will not inherit God's kingdom. Obama supports both wicked agenda's.


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