University to Investigate Pepper Spray Incident ?

Faculty calls for chancellor's resignation after video of officer pepper spraying protesters surfaces ?


Video surfaced online Saturday showing an officer at a California university calmly pepper-spraying a line of several sitting protesters, who flinch and cover their faces but remain passive with their arms interlocked as onlookers shriek and scream out for the officer to stop.

The chancellor of the University of California, Davis described the video images as "chilling" and said she was forming a task force to investigate even as a faculty group called for her resignation because of the incident Friday.

"The use of the pepper spray as shown on the video is chilling to us all and raises many questions about how best to handle situations like this," Chancellor Linda Katehi said in a message posted on the school's web site on Saturday.

For most law enforcement agency's the use of pepper spray is ok to gain compliance with a lawful order. I'm pretty sure these idiotic protesters were not obeying lawful orders to move from a certain area. The officer was simply doing his job. It's pretty simple, don't want to get sprayed? move your ass from the area you are not allowed to protest in. Not rocket science.

I am so sick of hearing about these morons on the news and radio. Just beat the hell out of all of them, and arrest them. Stick them in jail with the rest of the thugs.

Remember folks, it's highly possible that this is a ploy by the liberal democrats to keep focus off of Obama and his failed policies. Remember to vote for who-ever is running against him in 2012.

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