Gannett-Owned Media Launches War on Christmas

The Gannett-owned media, Livingston Daily, a daily Michigan newspaper, has launched a war on Christmas. The general manager and editor of the paper sent a scathing email to Liberty Counsel in response to Liberty Counsel's press release, dated October 28, 2011, announcing the "Ninth Annual 'Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign.'"

Using his official work email (rperlberg@gannett.com) and signature block identifying himself as the General Manager/Executive Editor of Livingston Daily, Rich Perlberg wrote in part: "You are among the most anti-freedom, anti-liberty people I know.... This is a created, non-issue, best represented by Bill O'Reilly who screamed about the war on Christmas even while Fox was selling Bill O'Reilly holiday ornaments. It's true. You can look it up. He created the false issue for ratings. He is the worst type of hypocrite." Perlberg adds, "I am angry at people like you because you thrive on and promote fear, hatred, prejudice and intolerance. But in the spirit of the season, I wish the best for you. Happy Holidays." Gannett owns USA Today and other media sources.

You can read the entire email on Liberty Counsel's website at www.LC.org

We are shocked that a general manager and editor of a newspaper would send such an angry and scathing email in response to a press release. Rich Perlberg's email underscores the bias in his media source. The Gannett Company ought to apologize for such a lack of journalistic integrity. Perlberg's sarcastic email, which he concludes with 'Happy Holidays,' illustrates that the Gannett-owned media has indeed launched a war on Christmas.

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