Arrested development

New York police arrest more than 100 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters while they march through Manhattan's Financial District — where one cop was slashed — as crowd turnout for day of action was lower than anticipated.

Violence Escalates at 'Occupy' Protests in New York City

DEVELOPING: A New York City police officer was slashed during Thursday's "Occupy Wall Street" action--and a second cop was taken to a local hospital with an eye injury--after heated clashes between protesters and activists across lower Manhattan, sources told FoxNews.com.

Both officers are said to be in stable condition, although the incident marked an escalation of tension in the uneasy give-and-take between NYPD officers charged with maintaining order, and protesters determined to be defiant.


If you look at the videos and pictures that are all over the internet, it's easy to see that these occupiers are a punch of punk kids. Most who hold felony convictions and no education.

It's about time the cops moved in and deal with these idiots. We hear that they have taken bulldozers in and rammed through their tents and garbage. No one at all cares about these loony's and their cause that they can't even describe.

It's time to end this hell raising camp out. It's nothing but a bunch of morons breaking laws. And the long arm of the law has decided to move in and enforce the law. It's about time. Soon these jokes called occupiers will be a distant memory.

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