Rising Gingrich Catches Romney

Newt Gingrich has catapulted to the front of the race for the 2012 Republican nomination while Herman Cain has lost ground with GOP primary voters. Mitt Romney, once again, is holding steady.

A Fox News poll released Wednesday shows Gingrich’s support doubling in the last three weeks. He stood at 12 percent in late October -- before the Cain harassment allegations and Rick Perry’s “oops” debate. Now the former House speaker is at 23 percent, essentially tied for the lead with Romney, with 22 percent.

Romney has been either the frontrunner or in second place in every Fox poll since July. He’s received the backing of between 20-26 percent of GOP primary voters for the last five months.


The media is once again showing bias against Herman Cain. We know their polls never show the whole truth. And are rarely accurate. Herman Cain still has the most support of all the GOP candidates.

But if it does ever get down to Romney or Gingrich, ol' Newt will take the nomination. Romney will never be president of a Christian nation while he claims mormon. Just won't ever happen.

We maintain our support for Herman Cain. We hope you'll join us in that support.

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