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These occupy morons have got to go. I mean really, enough is enough. These stinking dirty scum bags who are accomplishing nothing but breaking laws and bringing bad media coverage on themselves need to shut up and take their sorry asses back to the minimum wage jobs they have due to their refusal to get an education.

And stop complaining that they are not rich! Crying about it and having sex in parks is not going to make you rich. Destroying other peoples property is not going to make you rich. Get a clue!

Below is a video of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich speaking about the occupy thugs....

Newt hit the nail right on the head with that statement!
Let's talk about the students who got pepper sprayed at The University of California.
A few students thought they would get in on the act, and protest in a place where they were not allowed to be. They were ordered to move themselves from the area and refused. Well, I got news for you, when you refuse police orders they are going to act. Pepper spray was the lowest level of force the police could have used. other options could have been rubber bullets, being hit with a baton. or moved with physical force.

The students got what they deserved. And should have been arrested as well if they weren't. The chancellor in our opinion should step down. Not because the police used force on someone breaking a law by being somewhere they weren't suppose to be. But because she apologized for the police officer doing his job.

If the chancellor had an ounce of self respect and dignity she would have commended the officer on a job well done. So for that reason, we think the chancellor should step down. Or be fired for that matter.
Above is a undated handout photo provided by the University of California at Davis Dateline, UC Davis police officer John Pike is shown. The riot-clad police officer who pepper sprayed a row of defiant Occupy Wall Street protesters at a California university last week is a retired U.S. Marine sergeant who has been honored for his police work on campus, but also has figured in a previous discrimination suit against the university. Pike was hired onto the University of California, Davis police force in 2001. (AP Handout Photo/UC Davis Dateline, Dave Jones)

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